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7 May 2014

Almost One Third of SMEs Struggling to Keep Track of Their Finances

Research released by Kashflow revealed how a quarter of small businesses are still reluctant to take on employees due to financial concerns. According to the research 25.8% of small businesses say they are reluctant to hire as it might complicate the payroll with 24.7% of business owners admitting they are being kept awake by financial […]

30 Apr 2014

SMEs With a Business Plan Twice as Likely to Hit Profit Targets

New research highlights the importance of having a business plan. Over a third of the UK’s SMEs are failing to reach their full profit potential it has been reported. Shockingly, over a third of SMEs have no business plan at all! The research commissioned by business and finance software provider Exact, shows SMEs to be […]

23 Apr 2014

Tougher Action Needs to be Taken Against Late Payers

On top of the news that lending to SMEs is increasingly difficult, research by the Forum of Private Businesses (FPB) released this week adds to those financial woes, showing that SMEs were experiencing late payments more often over the past year than ever before. One practical suggestion is for late payers to be barred from […]

9 Apr 2014

SMEs To Create 660,000 Jobs

According to research released this week, Britain’s SMEs are expecting what could be a substantial increase in capital spending and job numbers over the next 12 months. The figures released by GE Capital suggest that employers are set to spend £58.6bn on capital investments, an 11% increase on last year. These figures illustrate the confidence […]

26 Feb 2014

Is Lending to SMEs Getting Easier?

Will the government make it easier for SMEs to secure investment? This week it was announced that MPs on The Treasury Select Committee (TSC), are to conduct an inquiry into lending from banks to SMEs following reports that they are struggling to obtain adequate finance, adding that they feel they have been treated “unfairly” by the […]

29 Jan 2014

Business Predictions for 2014

Following the positive growth figures being reported yesterday, will 2014 be the year that the economy finally goes back to those pre-recession levels? Or will we still find ourselves struggling to grow enough in order to make any sufficient headway? With many thanks to Online Ventures Group, our very own Nigel Sarbutts was one of […]

26 Jan 2014

Why We Took a Risk With Conference No8

On Friday afternoon we took part in ConferenceNo8, a new venture from Creative ProManchester, the industry group which has been formed to facilitate better collaboration between the creative & digital sectors of the Manchester economy with the financial & professional. One of our part-time HR directors Roger Longden hosted three sessions at a table of […]

22 Jan 2014

How can SMEs get Access to Lending?

One of the most frequently asked questions that our part-time finance directors face from SMEs is, “how can we gain access to additional funding?” This week the Government has faced criticism regarding their lending schemes aimed to help SMEs secure finance. According to critics, the Government has been failing to provide SMEs with enough information […]

4 Dec 2013

What is the Value of Good HR?

What is the value of good HR? Our part-time HR directors answer this question every day by recognising that in tough times business owners naturally focus on immediate problems and very often that means that people issues are ones that can be held over are therefore liable to drift. The more they drift, the harder […]

27 Nov 2013

How Can You Improve Search Rankings With Google Hummingbird?

How can you improve search rankings? A little bird has the answers and small business owners should take note of the benefits it can offer in improving the way your business appears in search results. SEO is an area that exemplifies where a part-time marketing director can add value: it is a fast moving area […]

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