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Why a part-time HR director makes sense

A part-time HR director brings several advantages such as sharing the risk, efficiency of investment in skills and making significant improvements to team performance.

A full-time HR director is likely to cost around £8,000 to £10,000 per month in salary, car, benefits, bonus, NI and other costs of employment. They may also have equity.

Too many businesses think of HR as being about cost: the cost of compliance, processes and staying out of tribunals rather than the positives that come out of recruiting, building and developing a high performing team of people who share your vision for the business and understand completely what they need to do to deliver it.

A full-time director can do that but it’s not something you need nine to five every day.

A part-time HR director is completely focused on making best use of their time and adding value by concentrating on making changes that justify their contract, whether that is designing the best systems for your business, hunting the best talent before you need it or managing out underperformance in the most efficient way.

Our HR business partners all have one thing in common – they have a proven background in high performing and blue chip organisations and have gone on to work successfully for smaller businesses because they get satisfaction from getting stuck in and making a visible difference.

Above all, they buy in to our approach of sharing the risk with our clients. It is our way of demonstrating that we understand how business owners think and behave. We don’t want equity but we have ‘skin in the game’ because if you are not happy you can walk away and until that business partner is assigned to a new client, we are losing out.

Efficient, focused, and motivated by risk – is that a good enough reason to explore further the profiles of our HR business partners?

team member
Agnieszka CybulskaHR Business Partner
Agnieszka has 15 years HR experience and now specialises in supporting local businesses to help them implement high quality HR systems and processes.
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    team member
    Heather ChattenHR Business Partner
    A former HR Director for the Dutch CSM group, since 2005 Heather has developed a reputation as a trusted and respected advisor, adding significant value to clients.
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      team member
      Rachel WaiteHR Business Partner
      Rachel is a business focused senior HR professional with 15 years experience, who is able to significantly contribute to the bottom line profit and performance of an organisation.
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        team member
        Roger LongdenHR Business Partner
        Roger excels in developing a performance culture and his passion is to bring out the best in others and enable transformation in the way they lead, communicate and sell.
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